Bleak Ocean on CD

Today Fallen Mankind announce the release of the dark heavy metal album “Bleak Ocean“ on CD, and release an atmospheric lyricvideo for the title track.

The album consists of ten powerful heavy metal tracks with everything the true metalfan needs, from powerful riffs to strong and dynamic vocals from the singer Mats Hedfors.

  • Bleak Ocean
  • Pheonix Rise
  • Murder She Screamed
  • Freedom Calls
  • By My Side
  • Shine
  • Obliteration
  • Bury Me Alive
  • Liars And Snakes
  • Unknown

The album will be released on CD in June through Dr. Music Promotion.


Bleak Ocean is out!

The new album Bleak Ocean is out!

Check your favorite streamingservice today. Here is some quicklinks to ease things up for you guys. Stay hard, stay tuned!



Bleak Ocean, out on 15th of September!


The album will be the first full length album from Fallen Mankind and contains eight tracks plus the tracks Freedom Calls and Bleak Ocean from the single Freedom.

This is the released trackorder.

1. Bleak Ocean
2. Pheonix Rise
3. Murder She Screamed
4. Freedom Calls
5. By My Side
6. Shine
7. Obliteration
8. Bury Me Alive
9. Liars And Snakes
10 Unknown


Upcoming single – Freedom

Fallen Mankind is proud to announce the planned release of the single Freedom! The featured tracks is Freedom Calls and Bleak Ocean, the signature track from the upcoming album Bleak Ocean.

Freedom will be available the 31st of July at all major streamingservices.