Fallen Mankind is a dystopic heavy metal band from the northern wastes of Sweden.

The lineup is

  • Mats Hedfors on vocals
  • Tommy Böckert  on guitars
  • Robert Karlsson on guitars
  • Kardac Cidh on base guitar
  • Kent Jonander on drums
Linup 2016 - Fallen Mankind
Linup 2016 – Fallen Mankind

Mats has earlier been seen as the lead singer in the 80´s act Red Baron. Kardac Cidh played in a heavy metal band called Warhammer. Kent Jonander plays in the death metal band Reduced to Ashes. Robert Karlsson is seen in black metal act Misericordia and the doom metal band Wardenclyffe.

These experienced rockers formed Fallen Mankind 2010 in the purpose of creating great heavy metal tracks and spread them all over the world. All music is created and recorded by the bandmembers themselfs.

The theme of Fallen Mankind is a dystopic and desolate futureworld where corruption, selfishness and fantatic believes is the ruler.


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